Project AD-01 – Art Defines Zero One®

A human made Android Sculpture by freaky-Deek

At the heart of every technological leap forward lies art, and Project AD-01 embodies this profound connection. This remarkable android represents more than just a creation; it serves as a powerful symbol, showcasing the immense power of artistry and creativity. Moreover, it serves as a poignant reminder that art and technology are not mutually exclusive but rather can harmoniously coexist, generating something truly enchanting.

Within the realm of Project AD-01, the robotic bust acts as a catalyst, urging us to preserve our humanity in an increasingly automated world. As our environment becomes more reliant on efficiency and automation, this awe-inspiring creation stands as a testament to the value of embracing our human essence.

As we unveil Project AD-01, the visionary artist, freaky-Deek, embarks on a captivating journey, inviting individuals to delve deeper into the profound significance of his sculptures and videos. With each intricately crafted piece, there lies a hidden narrative that extends beyond what initially meets the eye. Prepare to be captivated by an artistic experience that transcends boundaries and invites you to explore the limitless possibilities of robotic art, android art, and the harmonious coexistence of art and technology.

Project Ad 01 Handmade Art Android Led Sculpture By Freaky Deek Main Image Art Defines Zero One Led Models

Discover the Android Models of Project AD-01

Project Ad 01 Handmade Android Led Art Sculpture Joule With Red Led Light Handmade By Artist Freaky Deek
Project Ad 01 Handmade Android Led Art Sculpture Theta With Blue Led Light Up Handmade By Artist Freaky Deek
Project Ad 01 Handmade Android Led Art Sculpture Flux With Green Led Lightup Handmade By Artist Freaky Deek Op
Project Ad 01 Handmade Android Led Art Sculpture Aurum With Golden Led Light Handmade By Artist Freaky Deek

Inspired Sculpture That Brings Humanity to AI Technology



MODELs DF-1L1 and DF-1P1

Meet Flux, the extraordinary handmade robot from Project AD-01, skillfully crafted by renowned sculptor and videographer, freaky-Deek. Unlike digital images, Flux is a tangible 3-dimensional marvel, exuding a warm and curious human quality. With captivating light-up eyes and a futuristic energy tube design, Flux combines art and technology seamlessly. As a standout piece in an ongoing series, Flux symbolizes the convergence of art and robotics. This remarkable creation, part of the DF-1P1 model, promises to infuse energy and inspiration into any collection. Explore the perfect blend of creativity and innovation with Flux, a unique addition that resonates with art and technology enthusiasts worldwide.

The 1P1 series of Project AD-01

Made to illumiate your mind

Project AD-01 warning: Always Keep Your Android in Sight!

“Each piece is a

unique piece of art

with my personal touch”

– freaky-Deek –

Created by the visionary artist freaky-Deek, these handcrafted sculptures will ignite your curiosity and leave you yearning to uncover their secrets. Prepare to be mesmerized as you delve into the intricate details of these limited-edition android busts.

In a more and more automated environment that challenges us to be more efficient. Now, freaky-Deek is launching Project AD-01 with the vision to encourage people to dig deeper as his sculptures and videos provide more than meets the eye. 

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A testament to our intricate dance with technology.



MODELs DJ-1L1 and DJ-1P1

Fueled by fire and passion, Joule emerges as a beacon in the Project AD-01 line, embodying the intersection of human artistry and technological progress. This android, a master in recon and repair, boasts Herculean strength through artificial muscles and high-res sensory perception. Despite its realistic design, Joule remains a conduit for materializing desires, blurring the lines between reality and imagination. Crafted entirely by hand, each detail, from polymer clay sculpting to custom electrical work, emphasizes the value of true craftsmanship in our tech-driven world. In a society racing toward transformation, Joule prompts contemplation on identity and the creative potential within our crafted tools, urging us to preserve our innate human essence amidst the rapid march of progress.

Project AD-01 handmade android LED desk art sculpture Aurum X with golden LED energy tubes, product details: traditionally sculpted with polymer clay, scale 1:2, mold and cast by hand with artificial stone and PU resin, handpainted and assembled
Project AD-01 Kickstarter Icon Funded on Kickstarter in minutes

Individuality and Uniqueness – A reminder of doing things the hard way



MODELs DT-1L1 and DT-1P1

In an era driven by rapid evolution, it’s easy to forget the beauty and value of craftsmanship. That’s why I made Project AD-01 by hand. Sculpted at a 1:2 ratio with polymer clay accompanied by custom electrical work, this sculpture is meant to stand as a testament to the enduring artistry that emerges from human touch.

Let this highlight the need for mindful coexistence within an increasingly dehumanizing world.

Let it comment on the relationship between strength and vulnerability to weave a narrative that celebrates our resilience.

Let it be our reminder to stay human.


In today’s day and age artists get stomped over by corporations, automations, and even other artists who seem to devalue the hard work that goes into the creation of ideas, worlds and visuals.

Project AD-01 is supposed to be a counterpart to that sentiment where 3D print, AI and general devaluation of long hours of thinking and handcrafting has become underestimated and laughed upon as inefficient, inaccurate and too expensive.

But who are we as a human race anymore if we don’t value the very emotional and personal viewpoints and creative vision of people anymore?

Let this work be a reminder of our humanity in a more and more dehumanizing world.

Let it be a reminder of emotions in a workplace where it is all about outcome and numbers.

Let it be a reminder of doing things the hard way.

Let it be a reminder of creating and not „ripping off“ of others work

Let it be a reminder of the beauty of Science Fiction, envisioned by people, not automatically assembled by a committee or an algorithm.

Let it be a reminder of the physicality of collectibles instead of NFTs

Let it be a reminder to assist each other, and not be assisted by machines.

We are human – let us stay human!