FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Project AD-01, also known as Art Defines Zero One, is an innovative fusion of traditional craftsmanship and sculpture art with technology, conceptualized by the visionary artist freaky-Deek. This artistic project features a series of handmade android sculptures that delve into profound themes such as the human-machine interaction, adaptability, and the juxtaposition of strength and fragility in our rapidly advancing technological world. Each sculpture is meticulously crafted using materials like polymer clay and artificial stone, often enhanced with LED lights and other electronics.

What is Project AD-01?

Project AD-01 is a series of handcrafted android sculptures created by the artist freaky-Deek. Each sculpture is meticulously crafted by hand from polymer clay and other materials, making every piece unique. The project explores the intersection of human artistry and technology, emphasizing the importance of manual craftsmanship in an increasingly automated world.

Who creates/builds/makes the sculptures?

All sculptures in Project AD-01 are created entirely by one person, freaky-Deek. This ensures a personal touch and high level of detail in each piece.

What versions are available?

The sculptures come in three versions:

  1. No Electronics: Purely artistic without any electronic components.
  2. Dehumanized with Electronics: Includes LED lights and other electronic features, representing a more robotic aesthetic.
  3. Humanized with Electronics: Also features LEDs and electronics, but with a design that incorporates more human-like elements.
What does each model represent?

Each model within Project AD-01 stands for different themes and concepts, reflecting on issues such as human identity, the impact of technology, and the value of traditional craftsmanship.

How are the sculptures made?

The sculptures are handcrafted using traditional sculpting techniques with polymer clay, followed by molding and casting with materials like artificial stone and polyurethane resin. Each piece is then hand-painted and assembled, including the custom wiring for electronic versions.

Are the video works and images of the sculptures shot practically?

Yes, all the videoworks and images showcasing the sculptures are shot practically, adding to the authenticity and artistic integrity of the project.

Where can I buy the sculptures?

You can purchase the Project AD-01 sculptures on Artmajeur or directly on request. Therefore just contact freaky-Deek

What is included with each purchase?

Each sculpture comes with

  • a signed certificate of authenticity,
  • an instructions manual, and,
  • for electronic versions, a USB-C cable for powering the energy strings and lighting.
Why should I choose Project AD-01?

Project AD-01 offers a unique blend of technology and traditional artistry. Each piece is not only a collectible item but also a statement on the importance of human creativity in a tech-driven world.